Lets ask a few questions
1. Are your projects completed on time ?
2. Are you or even your people following your schedules ?
3. Do you know when you need to order & deliver materials ?
4. Do you know your weekly workload and can you adjust accordingly ?
5. Do you use scheduling as a tool rather than a client requirement ?
If your answer is NO then Proplan Consulting can help you.
This is how we can help you.
1. We can help with your tender to make it attractive to your future client.
2. We can custom build the breakdown structure to suit your project & environment.
3. We can convert your bill of quantities into a suitable planning package.
4. We can supply the PC hardware and software required for your project.
planning software packages.
drawing registers.
clock card control.
structural detailing control.
civil detailing control.
mechanical detailing control.
instrumentation detailing control.
Pre commissioning control's with or without barcode updating.
we can custom build whatever you require for your project.
5. We can place a representative part time or full time on your site.
this representative has a team of local and international support.
we can help with a planning crisis where programs are required ASAP.
6. We can handle the scheduling of any project of any size and at the level of detail you want.
7. We can customise features into your reporting as you want.
8. We can combine all your projects into one master project.
this will help with high level reporting direct to the top of you organisation.
this will help you to take action when and where required.